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Five Documents Every Child Care Provider Needs

Everything is a lawsuit waiting to happen nowadays. So, when I was approached to make daycare documents, I made sure to cover every angle. Below are five documents that child care provider should have on hand.


Contact and Medical

This contact form contains all important medical information on the child. The parent can authorize the care provider or another individual to approve medical necessities. This is in case the parent is unable to be reached.

It included the parents’ hospital of preference and insurance information. As well as the child’s medical and surgical history, allergies, and medications. Everything a medical team would need in case of emergency. The form includes a date begin and end spaces to make the parents feel more comfortable.

Playcare Contract

The Playcare contract is full of information. Everything from hours of operation to potty-training. Within its four pages, most questions can be answered. You will have your policies in writing that the parent has to sign in order to enroll the child.

Is the parent late on their a payment? You both have a copy of the signed contract and know exactly what steps to take. On the last page is where the children are listed with their names and ages. There are spots for two guardians’ information and signatures. It’s also where parents reserve day and request their desired hours.

Pick-Up Permission

Pick-Up Permissions is something every daycare should have but may overlook. It is where the parent can add up to three adults that their child can be released to. Parents can indicate when each individual is allowed to pick-up the child.

The Pick-Up Permission slip can be especially helpful when the child’s parents and separated. You will have in writing that Parent A is allowed to pick up the child on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Parent B can pick up the child Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Disciplinary Report

It can be uncomfortable telling a parent their child misbehaved to a point where disciplinary actions needed to be taken. Luckily, in the Playcare Contract, it outlines the procedure. The Discipline Report lists: why the child was disciplined, the disciplinary method used, and a for the solution. The solution is something the parent and you will decide together.

It is noted in the report that they are notified because “it’s beyond the normal, every-day behavior.  This is now considered a problem behavior and I’m asking for your assistance.” After a solution is reached, there is an area for the child care provider and parent to sign the document.

Payment Recipt

This document contains three payment receipts. It establishes what was paid, and why. This includes the days and hours they are paying for, and for which children.

There is a place for notes as well as both parties’ signatures. While this is straightforward, it is important to have a record. After the receipt is filled, make a copy for your records. Once again, everything involving payment is clearly outlined in the Playcare Contract.

Download and edit these as you wish. They are free to use! Just don’t redistribute without giving credit where credit is due. What do you think? Is this everything you need? Comment below which document was most helpful!

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  1. Gone are the days when you just care for the child left to you and then the parents fetch them on an agreed time. There are so many paperwork to protect yourself, the child and the business. Better safe than sorry.

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