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A Checklist to Use Before Each Time You Post

A Checklist to Use Before Each Time You Post

Everything you post needs to be high-quality and consistent. To ensure this, I have compiled a list of what needs to be done for every single post. Download the PDF checklist. Your website and viewers will thank you.


Post Title

Titles should be between forty to sixty-nine characters long. Any shorter and they may not be specific enough and any longer it will be cut off by search engines. Titles should be descriptive and make it clear who the intended audience is. Ensure to use keywords and action words in your title.


Photo Credit and Alt Text

When using stock photos, read the site’s guidelines for personal and commercial use carefully. If you are not crediting you are not crediting your photo source properly, you can find yourself in legal trouble down the road.

All images should include alternative text. Alt text is an attribute that tells the viewer what the image is. It appears in a blank box where the photo would be. This is a fantastic place to include relevant keywords.


SEO Optimized

Everyone who runs a site knows about search engine optimization. It can be a lot to take in at first. Luckily there are plenty of guides out there. Alexa alone has numerous SEO posts for all experience levels. The SEO plugin I use with WordPress is Yoast. I love that it gives my readability score too!


Does it Belong

Your post should fit into your niche and site. It should look like it is another piece of a cohesive puzzle. Your topic, images, and formatting should be consistent throughout your site. If it doesn’t, it can affect the reader on a subconscious level. Something just won’t feel right, so they will go somewhere where it does feel right.


Call to Action

Everything you post needs to end with a call to action – sometimes written as CTA. This is a request you make to your audience or question you ask them. A common CTA is asking the audience to share something relevant to the post in the comments. Inviting them to join your email list is a great way to start growing your subscribers.


Simple and Organized

Posts should be organized and cohesive with one another. Each one should include headers utilizing H2 and/or H3 HTML tags. Just make sure you are consistent. Add numbered or bulleted lists where appropriate.


Links, Links, and More Links

There are three links to every page should include. First is inbound links. These are links that lead to other articles on your site. Secondly, outbound links. As it sounds, outbound links lead to other sites. Lastly, link to your sources. In addition to citing them in the text. Ensure all of you links go through and they lead to reputable pages. Don’t throw links in there just to have them.

Pro-tip: Make all outbound links open in a new tab. I use this plugin.



There is no such thing as proofreading too many times. It doesn’t hurt to have another pairs of eyes look it over as well. If you only have one pair, that’s okay! There are free sites that will do it for you. I use Grammarly. Keep in mind that these sites don’t catch everything. It is up to you to publish well written, error-free work.


Preview and Test

Once you have completed the steps above it is time to test it. Upload it to your admin dashboard and see how it looks. You may need to change some formatting to make it look more natural. Check the links you included. Make sure your photos are the right size and format.


blog post check list


Now you have a simple checklist to make posting easier. After a few times, you will start doing these things naturally. Time for my call to action. Sign up for my weekly emails to get more details and up-to-date guides!


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    1. The outbound links plugin was too easy to set up. The best part is you never have to think about it again. It automatically works with all new external links.

  1. Nice list, I’ll read and update many times before publishing, and I really am going to figure out Yoast soon. 😉

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